See How Our Early Users Are Doing...
Got this client who needed a Logo for her restaurant: Created in 10mins with DesignLikePro Plugin! $1450 was pure profit!
The Secret To The Top-10 Successful Online
Lies Here Right In Front Of Your Eyes…
They ALL use top quality visual content. They don’t just go talking about their products or services… they SHOW the actual product and services.

Their Visitors Can Already Imagine Themselves Using Their Products.

Even If It’s A Travel Website For Booking Hotels…

The visitors can see the images of the hotel rooms, the view from those rooms, the pool side etc…

ALL these websites manage to transport the visitors from the present REAL world to the BETTER future world with the power of images that invoke imagination.

The most successful Amazon listings not only offer great images but numerous images from multiple angles.


Because visuals are processed 60,000x faster in the brain than text.

That’s why major brands like Nike have focused on making their eCommerce sites a heavily visual experience.

Once they successfully do that…the SALE is the EASIEST part.

Here’s The Kind Of Insane Amounts Of Money
TOP Companies Pay Just For A Logo

And In Seconds From Now You Can Create Such Stunning Visual Content For Your Website And Social Media In Seconds

Hey there…
I am Daniel Adetunji.
I am a young and passionate entrepreneur…

And My Business Is To Make Your Business Easy!!

All the solutions that I build stand on 2 pillars…

Help users SAVE money, time and resources

Help users SCALE UP profits by creating results far better than the competition

That is who I am and that is what I do… I make things easy and more profitable!!

And today I have brought you something that will make it a hell lot easier for you to
tcreate professional quality graphic designs in seconds…without ANY skills.

The ONLY thing you need to do is…

Like What You See Or Change It…Till You Like What You See

I am talking about creating stunning graphics for…

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Now just in case you need Hard-Numbers to really believe that good designs are a necessity…

just take a moment to look at this…

It takes about 50 milliseconds (that’s 0.05 seconds) for users to form an opinion about your website that determines whether they like your site or not, whether they’ll stay or leave.

A study found that 94% of negative website feedback was design related.

38% of people will stop engaging with a website if the content or layout are unattractive

39% of people will stop engaging with a website if images won’t load or take too long to load.

75% of consumers admit to making judgements on a business’s credibility based on the website design

Users spend an average of 5.94 seconds looking at a website’s main image First impressions are 94% design-related.

Still think you don’t need good designs? - I bet you don’t anymore...

Not Only Do Good Designs Save You Money…
They Also Make You Loads Of Money

How? Keep Reading…

By Selling Social Media Graphics

Every business out there knows that creating a buzz on Social Media is NOT optional anymore. If no one’s talking about you and your business on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc…you better start scouting for other options to make a living.

Every business needs attention grabbing graphics for Facebook posts, YouTube Channel Art, Twitter Headers, Brand Logos, Infographics on their sales pages and websites, Images for ads to be run on Facebook etc.

I am sure you can already see a MASSIVE business opportunity with a vast and ever-growing
marketplace unfold in front of you here.

The amount of profits that can be made is enormous by selling them stunning graphics for all their needs.

I agree, that there are freelancers and agencies selling such services...but you can easily drive them into the ground because they can’t compete with the prices someone like you might be able to offer such designs. [Unlike them, you are not using a costly monthly tool and hours after hours of your time and effort to create these designs.]

By Creating Brand Awareness For Your Products

It is a fact that the easiest customer to sell to is an existing customer. By creating an exclusive
eye-catching Logo…you can create a brand for your products and spread the word.

Once your customers have bought something from you…they are going to jump at your next
offer when they see it.

What’s even better…you can offer creating brand awareness as a service.

It’s obvious now that creating enchanting and engaging graphics can help you…both
save and make massive amounts of money…

And that brings us to a very important question

How Do You Get Stunning Graphic Designs (if you have
absolutely no designing and technical skills)?

Well, for ALL your designing needs GOD created a solution, which in turn created
another solution…Let’s take a look at them both once:

GOD’s creation – Graphic Designers

These people are supposedly blessed with creativity that you the business owner doesn’t have. And to
use their magical powers to create a single piece of ‘AMAZING’ design…they charge you something
like this…

And after receiving a mediocre design from them and paying that kind of money…don’t think you
have the right to complain
…coz if you do – well, it doesn’t count, because you are NOT the designer
and you just don’t have the eye for it…your bad!

Let’s look at the other option in front of you…

Graphic Designers creation – Complicated Tools like Photoshop

Tools created by super-talented graphics designer for YOU (errr…I mean the ‘Talented designer’ in you that you have not yet discovered).

Most of us end up buying these “CLOUD-BASED” tools…but tell me frankly…every time you want to make a small edit to a graphic that you created…do you have the time to login to a platform, make the edits, download the image again, go back to your WP admin, re-insert the edited image and then update it…I don’t think so.

We both know that’s NOT PRACTICAL.

Don’t get disheartened…there’s a much better 3rd option for you.

My Creation



Add A Better And Simpler To Use Version Of Photoshop
To Your WordPress Dashboard

Such Designs Are Now Literally At Your Fingertips
Right Inside Your WordPress Dashboard

Impressive right! Well, wait till you hear this…

ALL these graphics were created by me without ANY designing skills or the technical mind to use complicated tools.

…because frankly, I don’t have the time to learn Photoshop – I got a business to run here.

I created these stunning graphics using DesignLikePro in just…

3 Absolutely No Sweat Steps

Step 1

Choose from 1000+ templates or start with a blank canvas

Simply select a template based on what you want to create… Info Graphics, Gift Certificates, Facebook Twitter Pinterest or Google+ Posts, Headers and Ads, YouTube Channel Art, Twitter Lead Generation Cards, Twitter Promoted Tweet and a lot more…

Want to give shape to a unique idea in your head? - Choose a blank canvas and start adding elements using the drag-n-drop editor – paint the perfect picture.

Step 2:

Edit the template or an Image

Change whatever you don’t like…I mean whatever…texts, images, badges, banners, call to action buttons, colors. You can even change the position of each element. See something nice in the background…that you’d rather have in foreground –
just drag-n-drop any element anywhere you want.

Step 3:

Update right inside WordPress or
Download on your computer

Once you are done making all the changes…simply choose to save the Image as a JPEG or PNG on your computer or if the Image was a part of your blog or website, just click update from right inside your WordPress dashboard and see your new image instantly replace the old-one.

I know it’s hard to believe that creating a Graphic Design could be that easy…

Watch this short walkthrough to see me
create a design in seconds

The ease with which you can create stunning graphics has already made DesignLikePro a rage amongst Marketers.

I believe that my team has just created a Designing Shark here and with such a tool in the hands of people who have a true vision for their business is going to deliver results that were truly UNTHINKABLE so far.

To test this notion, I requested a few top-shot Marketers, Bloggers and Website Owners in the industry to try DesignLikePro and tell me what they think.

What I heard back from them is something worth sharing with the world…

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…Here’s What These Pioneers Said
After Using DesignLikePro:

Now Let’s Take A Closer Look At DesignLikePro


1-Click Insert images into any Post or Page

Now with just a single click, you can insert the images that you have just created using DesignLikePro’s easy-to-use completely drag-n-drop editor, into any blog post or any page on your website.

Once you’re done, just click ‘Update’ on your WordPress dashboard and see your newly inserted Image in place right away. Your designs, exactly the way you want them and at exactly the place you want them.


Find & Download Unlimited Images
to your PC

DesignLikePro comes with an in-built Library of thousands of images. While designing your next graphic, you can search and find just the right image by entering any keyword. Now use the editor to change whichever element you want.

With DesignLikePro there are no limitations on the number of graphics you can create. Keep creating as many graphics as you’d like and save them for immediate or future use by downloading them on your computer at no extra charge or watermark


Save All Images to the WP gallery

Once you start creating graphics with DesignLikePro…you wouldn’t want to stop. The plugin so powerful and yet so easy to work with…it’d feel like the day you held your first ever smartphone in your hands and just couldn’t stop digging in…feeling amazed at the things you could do with your phone…

Just like that, I am sure you won’t be able to stop at just creating one graphic. So, create as many as you would like and keep saving them in your WordPress gallery for future use.


Edit Your Images directly inside the
WordPress admin area

No need to first go find the source and download the image (that you want to edit) on your computer, to only then upload it to the editor. Simply click on the image in WP admin area itself, and the image will automatically appear in the editor.

Change whatever you want – text, colors, banners, badges…once done, just click update and that’s it. No shuffling in between different platforms.


FULL Photoshop Like Editor for Your

With DesignLikePro you get everything a designer may want in a perfect designing tool and more…

Layering, changing the color of borders, size of every element…you name it and DesignLikePro has got it. The ONLY difference between DesignLikePro and Photoshop is that DesignLikePro has been built keep the non-designers in mind and is for that reason much simpler to use…
…not to forget, you can simply install it on your website and use it from right inside
your WordPress dashboard – something that no other tool offers.


Add another image on top of your Images

The Advanced Layering Feature of DesignLikePro allows you to add different elements to the same area of an Image. So, if you want a text or an image to partially cover another image or text – in one click you can do so…

Such advanced tech helps you create professional images that designers charge thousands of dollars for. Till now only BIG brands like Apple and Amazon could afford such designs…but now your business will have the same level of designs created in minutes from right inside your WordPress dashboard.


SEO Optimize & Compress Images

The problem faced with a lot images created using designing tools is that these images break apart when being viewed on devices of different sizes. The loss of revenue is huge for the businesses whose sites load on mobile phones or tablets with ripped images…because the customers leaves in a matter of seconds to never come back again.

DesignLikePro comes with an in-built library of thousands of images. These images are optimized for SEO too and that gives you a better chance to rank your pages higher on Google and other search engines. The images can be compressed to whatever size…without distorting the resolutions.


New Templates added every week

When I said that DesignLikePro is built keeping non-designers in mind…I meant it 100%. As a business owner you just need to keep choosing what’s best suited for your business.

And to provide you with never-ending options…the DesignLikePro team would be adding new templates every week at no extra cost. You just need to Choose-Edit-Create.

Some of our beta users were amazed at the incredible combination of simplicity and sophistication of DesignLikePro…

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Time For You To Take The Future Of Your Business In
Your Hands By Creating Designs That Truly
Capture Your Vision And Imagination

Stunning designs and graphics are indispensable. If you are selling anything online, you need a website. And we all know that ‘Perception’ is everything because you don’t have a store, an office or a pretty looking front office staff to add classy-ness to your business.

An ugly graphic can do more harm than no graphic at all – it can drive your visitors away and put them off your brand.

The ONLY options up till now in front of you

were to either pay exorbitant fee to graphic designers that work as freelancers on platforms like Fiverr or if your business is big enough then hire someone to work for exclusively. BOTH the options are bank breakers.

And in case you thought that technology will come to your rescue and invested in a complicated tool like Photoshop then you’d agree that every time you get down to create a graphic – you end up going through your friends list on Facebook and your phone contacts…looking for someone who “knows a bit of photoshop”…all the while paying a high monthly recurring fee for the platform you hardly can work with.

DesignLikePro is perfect for…


As a Marketer I know that it takes a LOT of hard work and a hell lot of time on top of that to drive traffic to the offers. But you get ONLY a FEW SECONDS to convert that traffic into CUSTOMERS. If the designs on your Landing page suck…you can say goodbye to that visitor. Not anymore…

With DesignLikePro your conversion rates will instantly go through the roof. You can now create images that are relevant to your offer and not to mention…STUNNING.

Affiliate Marketers

So, you created an Ad and an Optin Page to re-direct people to your offers or to just add them to your list…you paid for these ad spaces with your hard-earned money, only to see MISERABLE click-through-rates.

Now create eye-catching banners and images that improve your click-through rates and conversions with DesignLikePro.

Website Owners

When was the last time you bought something that looked UGLY or from a website that looked UGLY? I know…NEVER.

Your customers also think the same way. To make your websites stand out…you need graphics all the time at an affordable rate. What’s better than creating as many graphics as you want - free of cost with DesignLikePro?


Blogs on your website are the mouthpiece of your business. Nobody wants read a page full of just text…if they did, they would rather read a text-book and not a BLOG.

Now make your content look good and interesting to keep your readers glued to your posts and articles.

DesignLikePro helps you create relevant images in seconds that match your content and turn your blog into a graphic design studio where you can show-off your products mesmerizing your visitors at the same time.

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Act Now & Claim These Priceless Bonuses:
Even though Design Like Pro is massive value in itself, we believe in over-delivering.

So when you take action now, you’ll get the following additional bonuses free of charge:
Bonus #1:

WP Legal Machine

WP Legal pages will help you create and setup your legal pages fast, and configure a high converting survey to engage and convert your visitors into loyal followers and subscribers.

Bonus #2:

Wp Protect Instant

WordPress Plugin (for WordPress) that allows you to Instantly Protect Your Download Pages, With Just a Few Clicks.

And you can instantly use it with any sales platform of your choice: WarriorPlus, JVZoo, ClickBank, Zaxaa, 2CO, PayPal or any other.

Just Follow Some Simple Steps and You’ll Be Ready to Go.

Bonus #3:

WP Smart Mailer

This WordPress plugin will help you to Create, send, and track your Newsletter Campaigns without hassle all inone dashboard on your wordpress site. You see, as the days go by, auto-responders are getting more and more expensive.

One of our autoresponder providers bill us as high as $299/month to maintain a decent size email list.

Bonus #4:

WPArtificial Intelligence Assistant

This unique Wordpress plugin adds a virtual smart assistant on your website and allows you to easily program his A.I from a powerful visual system. An assistant can be created to intelligently sell products, advise and inform your customers, guide them on the website etc …

It can show elements of the website, redirect to specific pages, send the discussion to admin by email, send all the interactions to a specific php page (useful to fill a form with the user's answers).

Bonus #5:


Coursily creates beautiful courses all within WordPress...

Incredibly Easy to Use & Setup: Easily create a course and add, invite or promote it to students. Getting a great course up takes no time and CoursePress even comes with it's own theme to get you going quickly, along with shortcodes and widgets you can use in any WordPress themes

- Complete Live 'Chat' Integration
- Sell Courses with MarketPress and WooCommerce
- Offer courses for free, or sell exclusive access to your lessons and materials
- with simple e-Commerce integration.
- Use any of the 13+ gateways available with MarketPress,or combine CoursePress with WooCommerce and get access to more than 100 payment options.
- Massively Customizable

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You Need To Think

  • Paying extortion money to freelancers
  • Hiring designers that think they are god’s gift to the world
  • Using tools that were not meant for non-designers like you and me Asking for favours from friends and family to help you out with designs

Then hit the button below to grab Designlikepro
NOW before time runs out …

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Get Single Site License for $27

Get Unlimited Site License for $29
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98% Bought This

30 DAYS Money back guarantee

Being an entrepreneur, I understand that ALL the risk should be on me and not on my customers. That is the reason that I ONLY invest my time and money in developing products around ideas that I truly believe in.

DesignLikePro is bound to be blockbuster product because it makes creating jaw-dropping
designs super-easy for non-designers. And for this reason, I would like to offer you to try DesignLikePro for 30 days without any stress. Create as many graphics as you want and use them to get more customers and earn more profits.

At any point during these 30 days, you can decide to simply return the plugin and get a full refund…without telling us why you want to return it. If you think it’s not for you…I’ll respect that decision.

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Get Unlimited Site License for $29
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You May Still Want To Know…

Q1. How many images can I create with DesignLikePro?
A1. UNLIMITED. Today every written content in your business needs to be complimented with great looking visuals. With DesignLikePro you can create and use as many graphics as you may want and need.

Q2. Can I install this plugin on more than 1 site?
A2. Well, that depends on the kind of License you choose. We have a Single Site License and an Unlimited Sites License.

Q3. What if I run out templates and need more. Do I have to pay extra for more templates?
A3. No. The DesignLikePro team is dedicated to helping our customers all the way. We won’t just get you started and then leave you to be on your own after sometime…neither are we going to try and extort money by asking you to pay more for extra templates.

Every week, we will be adding new templates that you can use…and the best part is that these templates would be in sync with the latest market trends.

Q4. Can I return DesignLikePro if I don’t like it?
A4. Absolutely. From the moment you purchase DesignLikePro you have 30 days to try it out and see if it suits your needs. In case it doesn’t…just drop us a message at support and we will process a refund for you instantly.

Q5. Can I buy this later?
A5. Unfortunately, No. This is a very special LIMITED time offer. Once this offer expires, DesignLikePro will ONLY be available at a much higher (approx. $47/month) fee.

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