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Wait till you hear this…

How about partnering up with me today to sell DesignLikePro to your customers and keep ALL the profits.

Yes…become my partner ONLY for the good stuff…

I don’t want you to pitch in for ANY of the costs that I incurred creating this amazing plugin…

  No Development Costs
  No Personnel Costs
  No Designing Costs
  No Marketing Costs

Zero. Nothing. You get DesignLikePro on a silver platter. Sell it to your customers…and keep all the money.

Am still not done here yet…

Let me show you till where am I prepared to go to make sure that getting access to DesignLikePro proves to be one of the wisest decisions you’ve ever made…

I am not just going to give you the tool and then expect you to sell it all by yourself…

…that’s like pushing a non-swimmer right in the deep-end of the pool, hoping they will learn to swim once they try hard enough…

You may learn to swim, but chances are…you may drown!!

No. I am going to throw in a swimming jacket, armbands, back-floaters, ear-plugs, goggles…

EVERYTHING that you’re going to need to sell DesignLikePro without lifting a finger, literally.

Here’s the complete kit…

DesignLikePro Plugin

Everyone needs graphic designs…no matter what they are know that already.

Right now, when we launched DesignLikePro, we roped in only a few partners and offered them DesignLikePro for their customers…

…we deliberately wanted to keep this LIMITED in nature.

There are still thousands of businesses out there…who would be dying to get their hands on such a terrific plugin, because not only will it allow them to create stunning graphic designs for their business…rather also help them save thousands of dollars that they spend on freelance designers for mediocre designs.

You can sell 100 or 20 copies of DesignLikePro (depending on the license you opt for) and keep ALL the money. The best part of this offer is that you can sell DesignLikePro at ANY cost you want…even higher than what you yourself paid for it.

DesignLikePro Sales Page

I have been in this business for quite some time now. I have launched more than a dozen high-ticket products so far… You don’t get this far without a solid team backing you.

I have a seasoned 7-figure copywriter on my team who writes the Sales Pages for me.

You can’t afford to have someone writing a copy that just doesn’t do justice to this incredible product…

You want to make sure that ALL the benefits and features are nicely placed on the page for your customers to fully understand the REAL power of this tool.

And for that reason, when you get access to the Reseller License to DesignLikePro…you also get the DesignLikePro Sales Page at no extra cost.

DesignLikePro Sales Video

Creating a stunning video is hard-work…the one that requires a lot of skill and experience.

I don't want you wasting any time after you get access to the DesignLikePro Reseller rights in selling them and making a massive ROI.

The moment you get access to the Reseller Rights I am also going to give you access to this top-notch sales video that I got created by a team of highly talented professionals working for me.

You wouldn’t wanna use a sloppy video that would not show your prospective customers the full power of DesignLikePro.

Use our video to tell your customers everything about DesignLikePro without paying a penny for it.

DesignLikePro Walkthrough Video

Who knows and can show how DesignLikePro works…better than someone who created it from scratch.

My team created the walkthrough video showing EVERYTHING you can do with this amazing plugin…

With the Reseller rights today…you are going to get exclusive rights to this video too.

…not to mention – at NO extra cost.

So far, I have promised to give you access to everything created by my developers, designers, copywriter, video creators and researchers…

They have ALL put in their best and I have agreed to share all of that with you today…to make sure that when you sell DesignLikePro to your customers…you don’t have to compromise on the quality of the product anywhere…


But my responsibility as the creator of DesignLikePro doesn’t end there…

…in fact, it starts there…

I want you to sell DesignLikePro to your customers, keep ALL the money and then leave the rest to me…

The biggest challenge for any product creator is to provide A-class customer service to it’s product owners. That’s what keeps us awake all night…providing support to thousands of customers scattered around the world across different time-zones.

I am going to make sure that you sleep like a baby by putting MY team to take care of YOUR customers.

DesignLikePro Support Team

They know DesignLikePro inside-out and are capable of handling and providing highest-class of customer support to each and every DesignLikePro customer.

Just sell DesignLikePro and go enjoy the money you just made…take that vacation you always wanted with your friends and family, buy them gifts to make up for all the time that you couldn’t spend with them because you were too busy running a business…

They got your back then…and we’ve got it now.

Why Are There Only A Limited Number Of Reseller Licenses For DesignLikePro?

In my company, we practise very high standards when it comes to quality…

Quality of the products, designs, content…all the way to after sales service – EVERYTHING is top-notch. I just wouldn’t have it any other way…because I am in this for a long-run.

So, when we decided to offer Reseller Rights to DesignLikePro customers…we wanted to make sure that the quality standards are maintained at the same time.

And here’s the problem…

We paid for the development cost of DesignLikePro

We paid for the ALL the marketing material like Sales Pages, Sales Videos, Page Designers, Copywriters etc.

We even pay the support team to service all OUR customers including you.

Till here all is good.


These Reseller Licenses take our costs and expenses to a new level…

We give you the licenses to sell DesignLikePro without charging you a penny for its development costs.

We give you access to ALL the marketing material like Sales Pages, Sales Videos, and our support etc. for no costs whatsoever.

You sell DesignLikePro and you keep all the money.


When you do that new customers will be added to the platform.

And the DesignLikePro support team would be tasked to service these new customers.

As I mentioned earlier…we do not compromise on the quality of the support and other services that we provide.

We would be hiring a few extra personnel to share this increased load. That is the reason there are LIMITED number of Reseller Licenses up for the grabs.

Earlybird Discount Ending in...

Exclusive Bonuses

Even though DesignLikePro is massive value in itself, we believe in over-delivering.

So when you take action now, you’ll get the following additional bonuses free of charge:

Bonus #1:

Sonic Design It

A premium wordpress plugin enabling users to create wide range of professional graphics for wide range of use. Say bye-bye to your expensive graphics designers and create stunning graphics yourself, using this super friendly and easy drag and drop designer.

Designs created and inserted into your website are editable again and again… We have literally made designs editable just like editing any content on plugin. It works perfectly with and without Visual Composer.

Bonus #2:

Sonic Design It

A premium wordpress plugin enabling users to create wide range of professional graphics for wide range of use. Say bye-bye to your expensive graphics designers and create stunning graphics yourself, using this super friendly and easy drag and drop designer.

Designs created and inserted into your website are editable again and again… We have literally made designs editable just like editing any content on plugin. It works perfectly with and without Visual Composer.

Bonus #3:

WP FB Contest

This allows you to easily create facebook contest from wordpress. This is a great way to encourage people to visit,share and promote your site.

Here Are Some of The Advantages of Using WP FB Contest:

- Create and run unlimited contest
- Reward users to share your page
- Export and collect data for third party tools
- Simple share in facebook,twitter or google+
- Fan gate (only fans can enter contest)
- Simple to use page builder to create amazing designs
- Automatically import into mailchimp

Bonus #4:

WP Country Targetrr

If you’re looking to show different content based on your visitor country this plugin is what you need. WP Country Targetrr Plugin that lets you show content in posts/pages based on your website visitors country picked.

The plugin adds an icon in the visual editor which will open up a drop down and ask you to select a country to show content for.

Step 1) On any post/page/custom post type visual editor click the globe icon:
Step 2) Choose a country
Step 3) Example shortcodes generated:

Bonus #5:

WP Video Importer

This is the ultimate WordPress solution for creating automated and standalone video websites. Actually, WP Video Machine is a complete and yet easy premium WordPress plugin with a schedule import system that makes sure your site stays fresh and up to date with the latest or most popular videos online. WP Video Importer supports VIMEO and DAILYMOTION in addition to YOUTUBE. Millions of videos are now within reach of a click.

Bonus #6:

PressPlay (Ultimate Video Player)

This is a powerful responsive video / audio player that can play local video (mp4) / audio (mp3), streaming videos or audios from a server, Youtube videos or Vimeo videos. It only requires the mp4 / mp3 format (the best and most used formats on the web) and it will work on mobile devices and desktop machines no matter which browser is used, this is made possible by incorporating multiple video engines in an really smart way inside the video player logic. Ultimate Video Player supports unlimited playlists and each playlist can have unlimited videos. The playlists can be loaded from a simple HTML markup, XML file, mixed playlist (vimeo | youtube | HTML5 video / audio), video folder (mp4 files), audio folder (mp3 files), youtube playlist or vimeo playlist.

Bonus #7:

YouExtracter (Pull Videos Into Your Database)

This YouTube app is a full backend interface enabling you to search and save any YouTube video (and also channels) into your own database. You can organize all your selected videos into categories, and also choose the videos to feature.

The front end is based on a responsive design framework, and enables you to have a nice and modern website with your videos selection. You can easily use and extend this app to create a videos website.

Bonus #8:

Vidcommenter (automate youtube comments)

This is also another powerful youtube marketing software recently customized by my in-house team for you to promote your youtube channels and videos by setting automated comments to go out on selected youtube videos in niche... you can use this auto comment feature to grow your youtube channels x3 faster or direct to your landing pages, websites, stores for more traffic, leads and sales!

Let’s recap EVERYTHING you are getting today…

DesignLikePro Plugin Cost

DesignLikePro Sales Page

DesignLikePro Sales Video

$16,312 (total development cost)

$5,000 (paid to the copywriter and designers for the hours they billed)

$1,500 (that’s the going rate in the market for getting such a video recorded)

That’s $22,812 already!

But I am not going to ask you to pay any of it…

And before I tell you how little ALL this is going to cost you…

Let me show you how much you can make by selling DesignLikePro…

Let’s say you sell DesignLikePro at the lowest price i.e. for $97.

20 Licenses Agency will make you 20 x $97 = $1,940

100 Licenses Agency will result in 100 x $97 = $9,700

Remember, that’s the lowest price you could sell DesignLikePro at…

If you go by the current market trends…something like DesignLikePro is an easy sell for $197.

And if you do that…here’s what the numbers will look like…

20 Licenses Agency will make you 20 x $197 = $3,940

100 Licenses Agency will make you a whopping 100 x 197 = $19,700

That’s just mind-blowing!

And you’re getting EVERYTHING you need to sell DesignLikePro.

But I am not going to ask you to pay any of it…

Just grab your Reseller License pack and start planning what you would like to do with ALL the money you’d be making in the next few days.

Earlybird Discount Ending in...

Designlikepro Agency Bumper Deal

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